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API Docs

Using the API, developers can build any functionality of the JW Platform into their own website or service. The API features a straightforward authentication mechanism and multiple output formats (PHP, JSON, XML, Python). The available methods are grouped into classes (videos, channels, players, accounts) and the available content can be requested through a standard URL scheme. This reference describes in detail how our API works and which classes and assets are available.


An overview of the API framework and security mechanisms.


The video classes define methods for uploading, editing and listing videos, thumbnails, tags and statistics.


The channels classes define methods for creating, manipulating and listing video channels, channel thumbnails and channel statistics.


The players classes define methods for creating, designing and listing video players and player statistics.

Advertising (Early API Preview Only)

The advertising classes define methods for creating and managing advertising schedules and advertising tags.


Note that these endpoints are documented as an early API preview. They should not be considered stable and may change. Overall system behavior may not work as documented with these endpoints at this time.


The accounts classes define methods for creating and managing accounts, usage statistics, transcoding templates and player skins.


Miscellaneous API methods.

URL Scheme

The URL Scheme defines how to request videos, feeds, thumbs and players from the JW Platform contentserver:

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